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Bike Touring the Vosges

Every ride has been designed and tested with the greatest care, taking you past heritage sites, viewpoints, local producers and hidden beauty spots.

We compile beautiful bike tours for you without hassle :
• Every ride has been designed and tested with the greatest care, taking you past heritage sites, viewpoints, local producers and hidden beauty spots.
• Choose between 3* hotels, simple accommodation or campsites in summer.
• Departure dates and durations are flexible. We’re happy to adapt each bike tour.
• We have a stock of essential kit.
• We are one of the first agencies to develop a luggage transport system low in emissions, using an electric cargo bike and trailer.

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Riding light…

We transport bags. We organise hotels and campsites. Bike Tours Vosges aims to make light of your logistics. As a client you have access to all the rides collected in the roadbook. Rides destined for every level and designed for either gravel, road bikes, mountain bikes or for family trips. Make your holidays light or intense. Everything is possible.

The local touch…

The Vosges is full of tracks, forest roads and mythical mountain-passes. Exploring and designing rides is what inspired me to create a travel agency for cyclists. With my local riding buddies, I test and design rides that allow you to choose … take it easy or take yourself to the next level. The Vosges Mountains are wild. Yet remain accessible. The air is of a rare purity. The landscapes are glorious.

Forward movement…

We are happy to transfer your bags or organise sleeping arrangements whether you are walking, cycling, riding horseback or flying a paraglider…

Always more rides…

The ride you have in mind is not included in the roadbook yet ? Any excuse will do for me to and test new rides. Just ask ! You have no need for any of the Bike Tours services, but exploring like the locals seems exciting ? No problem. You can simply buy the roadbook.

Who’s behind it all

Bike Tours Vosges is the dreamchild of Sofie De Clercq. She’s 56, from Belgium and she’s lived abroad for the last 30 years. Her day job used to be managing campsites. In 2021 she decided to create her own dream job. The idea of a travel agency for cyclists in the Vosges was born.
She loves the challenge of small and big adventures. Around 7 years ago, her small offshore sailing boat was replaced by a bike and cycling panniers. Her first solo camping trip at the foot of the Mont Ventoux had her hooked.
Ever since, all her holidays have been dedicated to cycling. From crossing the Alps along the Via Augusta to bikepacking adventures in Germany and France. From sleeping under the stars to proper camping or staying in hotels in winter. Whatever the formula, she’s gradually learned to reduce her luggage to the essentials and to adapt her plans to what she needs and longs for.
She’s very excited to share her experience and her insider knowledge of the Vosges.