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Bike tour

Self-guided bike tours

We propose bike tours for cyclists with different levels of fitness. Check out the details here or simply tell us how much you ride and we’ll choose the best bike tour together with you.

We take care of the logistics from planning rides, booking hotels, transporting bags to lending extra kit and electronics. All you have to do is choose your favourite riding partners and (e-)bikes.

Six riding styles

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Original Bike Tours

Classic bike touring trips for marvellous sights, visits of heritage sites, tasty visits with local producer and time-outs to contemplate. Choose a rhythm, disconnect. Enjoy every pedal stroke.

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The Vosges for road cyclists

Are you ready for La Planche des Belles Filles ? Riding the training ground of some of France’s greatest champions. But also plenty of rides for amateurs of backroads away from the crowds.

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Gravel Escapes

Exploring intimate forests, hidden valleys, mystical lakes, trickling streams and roaring waterfalls. The Gravel Escapes avoid towns as much as possible and stop in remote locations. Experience a feeling of utter freedom and being away from it all.


The Vosges, an MTB paradise.

Rides developed with the local specialists. For fine technicians and enthusiastic pilots. But also for beginners and for confident riders enjoying the playful side of mountain biking. Fun guaranteed.


Family camping trips

Easy rides for young talent. Rides from the roadbook for adults. Family campsites by a lake or with a natural swimming pool. Two weeks, two campsites. Transport of all the gear. Adventure for all without hassle.

Bike Tours made to measure

Think of our resources as a Meccano Set. Pick and choose the stopovers or let us help you build a bike tour around your favourite landmarks. Then choose your rides from the roadbook as you go. From 295 € pp. Based on 2 sharing. 3 days.


Being a reasonably confident rider with some experience in hilly environments is sufficient for most rides. Bear in mind that any training beforehand will help make riding in the mountains much more enjoyable.
Road riding in the Vosges mountains : count on a ratio of 1700 to 2000 climbing meters per 100 km.
All the rides are graded for technical difficultyMore. If you find the rides too difficult, you will almost certainly find a suitable alternative in the roadbook.
Using an e-bike is a fantastic way to discover the Vosges. If you don’t have your own, we can help you find bike shops proposing quality rental e-bikes. Keep in mind that advance booking is necessary in summer.
If it’s been a while since you’ve ridden a bike and you’ve never climbed a mountain-pass, why not try the family rides first. They are possible from Remiremont onwards.
We recommend using the roadbook as a catalogue of rides exploring all of the Hautes Vosges. For every riding style, the roadbook includes around 3 different distances / climbing meters. The roadbook also includes rides connecting the stopovers with the least effort. These easy rides may be a good solution when the weather is bad or when it’s time for a day off.