Cycling level


Being a reasonably confident rider with some experience in hilly environments is sufficient for most rides. Bear in mind that any training beforehand will help make riding in the mountains much more enjoyable. Count on a ratio of 1700 to 2000 climbing meters per 100 km for road riding.

Using an e-bike is a fantastic way to discover the Vosges. If you don’t have your own, we can help you find bike shops proposing quality rental e-bikes. Keep in mind that advance booking is necessary in summer.

If it’s been a while since you’ve ridden a bike and you’ve never climbed a mountain-pass, why not try the family rides first. They are possible from Remiremont onwards.

For every riding style, we propose 3 different distances / climbing meters and a direct route for off days or for when the weather’s bad.

Technical difficulty


  • for the occasional cyclist, not feeling very confident
  • for the confident cyclist prepared to walk because of an occasional difficulty
  • for the confident cyclist who enjoys picking a line
  • for the confident cyclist who likes a challenge and enjoys piloting
  • for the masters of piloting, enjoying a challenging downhill on a bike without suspension

Road and touring

  • for the budding hill climber. Easy downhills
  • for the enthusiast with little training. May include a short stretch around 15 %
  • for the regular rider up to 1500 climbing meters per day
  • for the well-trained rider managing up to 2000 climbing meters per day
  • for the expert, up to 3500 climbing meters per day

Mountains bikes

  • for the beginner learning to stand on pedals
  • for the mountain-biker learning to pick a line and to keep the power on
  • for the budding pilot enjoying singles
  • for the mountain-biker enjoying technical singles
  • for the expert


  • on bicycle paths, suitable for children learning to cycle
  • a mix of quiet roads and bicycle paths
  • suitable for experienced children and teenagers

Using a mountain-bike for gravel rides can help to negociate technical or steep terrain.